Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spotlight on Wire Book Review

I checked out the new Spotlight On Wire book by Melissa Cable from the library and really like her ideas and way of explaining the how to. The the book is broke down into six sections each focusing on a different item or techniques.  All of the photography for the book is nice and uncluttered, the directions are clear with plenty of step by step photos to help you along. The most interesting project in this book is the one of  her showing how to use a regular pasta machine to texture copper and silver wire.  I have a rolling mill but most folks don't, this is a very inexpensive way to add interest to your wire without having to layout much cash. She also made corrugated wire and I can see it in several future pieces. The project I decided to make first was out of the Heavy Gauge Wire chapter it's called Charming Story, I used the silk ribbons I had sewn and dyed a few years ago to add a bit of color. 
Charming Story Necklaces
Spotlight on Wire Book Cover

Charming Story Page


  1. Stunning! I like yours better then the book. Will you be adding them to your store?

  2. Cilla, I can't find an e-mail address in your profile. Yes, I do have plans on putting some of these up in my store is there a color you would be most interested in. They are going to run $25.00.

  3. Darn.... just sold my pasta machine that I bought to use with Fimo and then never did.....

    - Pepita

  4. Thanks for featuring the book! GREAT job on the Charming is one of my favorite projects from the book and you did them beautifully.

  5. Very fun Tracy, can't wait to get one!! or more!

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