Monday, September 19, 2011

I Jump for Rings

Jump Ring Making
This past weekend I spend out camping with my wonderful family and I thought I could spend it just sitting around chatting like everyone else but no that was not to be, it drove me crazy not to have a project so I went home and got my wire and jump ring winder. 
Jump Ring Winder
After a short time I ran out of wire and ended up with a good assortment of wire springs that were ready to cut but I had forgot my cutting lube so I had to stop there.
Wire springs waiting to be cut
In the studio today I got everything out and started cutting up the jump rings just to break blade after blade.  I think the new blades I got are to thin and I am going to have to order some with a bit more beef.  If you use a lot of jump rings this system is well worth looking into.  I end up cutting jump rings of this multitude about once a year, that way I have what I need on hand when putting my pieces together.
A pile-o-jump-rings


  1. Just curious. How big a guage of wire does this sytem cut. My hubbie is into chain mail (16 stainless) and I was wondering if a system like this would help him.

  2. With the right blade I can cut up to 12 gauge but steel is so much harder I am not sure what gauge would work. I think that if you contact Otto Frei tool company they could tell you.

    This is the link to their jump ring cutter,

  3. That's a lot of jump rings. I'll have to check out what you use to do that many and not go totally bonkers. :0

  4. Oh, I definitely need one of these!. I'm looking at all those lovely coils and thinking how much easier on the hands that would be!! Do you then tumble them all? Hope the camping was fun.

  5. That is hilarious! I am happy to hear I am not the only one who can't sit still.

  6. Jenni, I don't tumble them because they are thick and I don't want them any stiffer than they already are. If they were fine gauge you may want to but normally I wait until I have finished my pieces to tumble them.