Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Copper Treasure Tubes

I decided to tackle the Treasure Boxes to Wear tutorial in the June 2011 Belle Armoire Magazine.   I must say that it's my favorite magazine and I love their photography but...  sometimes they truly need to focus a bit more on the how to and a bit less on the beautiful photography if the really think folks are going to make these things.  The authors of these tutorials most likely write a whole lot more than actually gets into the magazine and I think they cut to much out of this particular tut.  The tutorial was wrote by the very talented  Denise Petersen of the Reinvented Objects blog, if you get a chance go over and check out the rest of her amazing work.

There is a huge learning curve when trying to apply an even layer of solder to an curved object and to be honest I never did get it down and I gave up after about 8 tries.  I did get 5 of this style to turn out but to be honest I wasn't that thrilled with the look for all the work it took.  Although I loved Denise's mine were much less refined, I'll call them rustic.  Here is what I ended up with from the tutorial.
Treasure Boxes 2" tall and very "rustic"
Treasure Tube
After trying to make a bunch of these I had an idea to just leave off the soldered outer coating.  Although I love the look of it the fact was it just wasn't turning out like I wished it had, I would heat one spot to attach something and another piece would slide off.  Once I did my own thing they turned out quite nice and yes, there are two boxes that say BITE ME for my friend Melissa of the blog One-Earedpig Beads  :)  Now to turn them into some funky necklaces, photos to come.
My version of the Treasure Boxes that I'm going to call Treasure Tubes, 2" tall tip to tip


  1. Well, I haven't seen what you were working towards, but I think yours look absolutely marvelous! I like both styles. They remind me a bit of bullet casings. I'll be glad to take your not so goods! :)

  2. Fantastic! I love them... both the rustic and the shiny ones. When I first saw them I really thought they were shell casings. Very, very neat! I'd be more than happy to take a few of your not so goods too! ;-)

  3. Sweeet! And I like the look without the solder just fine.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    These aren't casings but just plain old cheap copper pipe from the hardware store and some brass tube from the hobby store.

  5. Oh, I love the look of these little tubes so much!! I remember the soldering learning curve I had to deal with in the Homesteaders' class. Sometimes that pesky solder just doesn't want to go where it's suppose to, but i still think that your soldered tube look fine! Love them both!