Friday, August 5, 2011

Bouquet Bracelets

Bouquet Bracelet out of copper n glass
I have made up a bunch more of these little bouquet bracelets since they are such good sellers.  The shape of the bracelet make it so that once on it won't flip and leave you with the pretty side on the bottom of your wrist.  They are very light weight and sit smoothly on the wrist due to a wide range of adjust-ability.

Bouquet Bracelet in purple, yellow and green.

Bouquet Bracelet made up in beautiful silver glass.  SOLD :)
This one doesn't photograph well but is beautiful shades of navy, green and burgundy.


  1. Ok, those are just adorable! I really like the colors in the last one, even if it didn't photo well. :)

  2. these are cute....lovely colours in them ;o)

    talking of colours, if you're interested, there's a colour challenge on my blog {} first challenge I've offered!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. these are gorgeous, I love the clustered beads