Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bead Soup Partner

It's time for bead soup again and my partner this time is the amazingly talented Sally Russick of Wireworked.com.  After reading through her blog I found out we both took Stephanie Lee's Homesteader Metal Smiting Class this past winter.  It was an amazing class but knowing this made me change my idea of what I was going to send out since she had already created the same things that I had in that class.  So after a few days at the torch and not liking anything I had come up with I remembered I had something special that just might work for her.  I really hope she likes what I sent, here is a little sneak preview,  all you can really tell is colors :).  All but one thing I am sending has been handmade by me, I could have also made that one thing but time ran out.
Bead Soup Sneak Peek


  1. I'm so excited to see what you are sending!!! I know I will love it and the colors have me intrigued! I too have been going back and forth and back again but I finally just put the finishing touches on your package and will be posting about it and you later today!

  2. Your "soup" looks wonderful. I love your blog. And your little fishies are so cute. I love copper and your posts are very interesting. Looking forward to the reveal in September to see what everyone made.