Friday, May 6, 2011

Six Inches Short

No matter how close I figure it always comes down to just a few inches more that is needed to finish what ever project.  Even when I figure and add the six inches things still some how run short.  Today I was making little curtain toppers for my camper and ended up running six inches short on the lime green fabric for the door curtain,  all the others are ruffeled this one is just flat.  Oh well it all turned out so cute that it hardly matters. I refuse to go buy fabric just so I can have gathered fabric on my door curtain

Here is every thing I got done this week.

1.  All new foam for the matteresses.
2.  Bubble insulation cut to go under mattresses to keep the mold away.
3.  Covered all the foam with muslin.
4.  Custom made sheets to fit the beds stitched together at the bottoms so they won't come untucked.
5.  Made blankets that are stitched so that they also won't come untucked.
6.  Turned King sized pillow covers into couch backs.
7. Curtain toppers.
7.  Made roll up shades that are stitched to the curtain toppers,  they roll up and Velcro.

What did we do before velcro and duct tape?

Scamp Interior, this is the "BIG" bed, twin sized.

 Scamp Interior, Bed/couch this one is 2 foot wide.  You can see one of the shades down here.

Scamp Interior, I used some contact paper on the front of the fridge you see here.
This is it before the new curtains.

The whole project turned so much better than I ever dreamed it could and now I can't wait to go and try it out.


  1. Sweet! Are you bringing it to Chris' campout in June?

  2. Looks so fun! We redid a camper years ago and enjoyed the heck out of it! Great job on the make over! Love the black and white.

  3. This is so stinking CUTE! We have an RV that I've been meaning to paint and cute-up like this, but something always seems to get in the way. OUrs is a bit bigger, but I know it is do-able. Thanks for showing me just how fab an RV can be!

  4. It so cute! I want one for when we retire! You did a great job with the designing.