Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Call Me Weed Warrior

I have had to declare war on my flower garden, 2 years ago a vine took over the whole thing while I was working a full time job.  It seems to have seeded itself so thick that I wonder if it will ever be totally gone. Each week I am going to have to go out and work trying to keep them under-control. Gardening has never been something I have even liked so this is quite a commitment from me. I do love the beauty of a nice looking front yard so I have decided that Thursdays or Fridays will be morning weed time.  Maybe if I write it here it will really happen.
This is my first Iris of the spring.
This is the front it's still trying to take root after being dug up 2 winters ago due to a sewer isue.

Many new plants here, they are loving this rain.

This section still needs some work but I am going to wait until I have control of the weeds, they are still popping up all over.
This is several photos stitched together with a program called Pano on my Ipod.

I haven't forgotten about the beads and glass but have been working on such boring basics that there hasn't been much to show.  I hope to get you some photos next week of some fun new ideas.

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