Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A five star book review

Yesterday I got a book out of the library that deserves a 5 star review, the name of the book is Easy & Elegant Beaded Copper Jewelry and it's 253 pages of amazing wire possibilities.  This book includes 346 different links, hooks, ear wires and more with complete instructions for making each of them.  This alone would be worth the price of $24.95 but then the author Lora S Irish takes it a step further and shows you hundreds of  ways to put these parts n pieces together making some very beautiful jewelry.  I think that no matter where you are from a beginner to an advanced wire worker this book would be a good purchase.  The only thing that could make this book better would be a poster with all 346 links to hang on my wall as a reference tool.  I can't wait to sit down at my bench with this book.


  1. This book looks amazing copper is my fav of all the wires thanks for the heads up ttfn L;)

  2. Oh cool, I'll have to look out for it!