Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Think I've Dyed

I had planned on getting a whole lot more done lately but after my trip to Ed Hoy's my back decided it didn't like the trip and seized up on me.  After several days on the hot pad and a whole lot of walking I think I have worked all but the smallest kink out and hope it doesn't decide to settle in again any time soon.

I am taking a class from the Kalamazoo Institute of Art called Designing with Found Objects with Bobbie Peters. If you get a chance and live in the area I highly recommend the classes there, they are well thought out and the instructors are a wonderful mix of talented artists. So far we have taken apart cell phones for pieces to be used later, etched glass, riveted, and a few other projects but the thing so far that has caught my attention is dyed glass.  Using some acid dyes we have actually colored some glass, most of the students did their dying on glass slides to be used as pendants but I came home and made up a bunch of beads to try the technique on.  Thinking that disks would show off the colors best I made a bunch but then when it came to designing a piece I quickly realized that I don't normally use large disks in my designs and I wanted them to lay flat.  They turned out to be a little challenge but the finished link lays nice and flat on the wrist adding a whimsical look the the piece. I am thrilled with the color and the outcome of this piece and excited to see how the color will wear being used next to the skin. I named this bracelet I Think I've Dyed because the last few days that is what my back was saying :)

I think I've Dyed Bracelet


  1. What a great color combination! I love what you did with the discs too - I've been too intimidated to try them.

  2. The different shadings in the disc is really pretty. Also love what you did with the wire coiling around on it. Really hope your back feels better!

  3. I love using discs like this. Gorgeous colors!