Sunday, January 16, 2011

Parts n Pieces

Quite often before I am ready to put a bunch of jewelry together I take a step back and look at my components and make sure I have all I will need to make the next bunch of pieces.  This often leads to a day of just making parts, it's mindless work but I can think of the parts and pieces I have to work with and sometimes new ideas pop into my head while my hands are busy.  Here is a few things I've ready yesterday and today...
Copper head pins you can never have tooooo many
Soldered copper rings
Copper S hooks for bracelets

Small copper jump rings
Copper dumb bells
I really hate stopping in the middle of a project to make a jump ring or some other stupid little thing that I should have had on hand.  It just slows down my creativity and we can't have that.


  1. You're SO on the ball! I make as I need it.

  2. If you stop and think about it you have to get everything out to do that one task why not make a hundred of them and be ready.

  3. I looooove these photos. I'm excited to go see more of your work!