Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creative Path Forward

Looking back to see forward seems to be something I do often.  I like to look back and see my jewelry making style evolve and know it will never be done evolving as long as I am willing to break rules and learn new thing. I think as humans once we stop learning we are dead, we may not have left the earth but if our minds are left without new stuff to keep us interested in life we will fade out. 

Several other bloggers who I really respect and love their work have made a collage of the past years work just to take an overlook to see what worked, what maybe didn't, what we loved and what we would like to make more of.  It may show a path to a new direction or show us something that needs to be revisited.  My collage showed what I learned in the past year and is in no special order.

Looking back I am thrilled to say that almost everything I made sold this past season and I was left with very little left over to this year.  It's funny but the stuff that is left over are some of the things that weren't my favorites but I know from past experience just because I don't love it doesn't mean someone else won't see it and fall in love.

Resin seems to be my latest love and I can't find enough goodies to sink into the beautiful clear goo. There are just so many options with resin that can't be captured with any other medium so I suspect you see a lot of it in the next year from me.  I also love making the little bezels that you sink the goodies in.  Another favorite of mine are the tiny books and people seem to respond well to them and there are so many styles I need to explore and of course more bracelets of all shapes and colors.  It will be interesting to see what my next years collage looks like.

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