Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals

 I don't have any resolutions for this year but I do have a few goals that I believe I can achieve.

1. Post on this blog no less than once a week more if possible.  BTW this is my 50th post I'm not doing so bad at this, I started blogging on October 22 of 2010.

2.  Submit a piece of my jewelry for publication, even if it doesn't get accepted it is important to try.

3.  Take more classes, I am already signed up for 3 but feel it's important to keep learning so I can define my jewelry style.

4.  Pass out more business cards, it has been proven that they do cause sales, ya got to love those moo cards.

5. Find enough anger inside of me to pound out about 50 more stax stix LOL.

Stax Stix


  1. These sounds like wonderful, achieveable goals! I'm hoping to take some more classes as well. The Stax Stix are lovely!

  2. I had a very bad day at work. Maybe I can help with the Stack Stix. :)

  3. Melissa, Sorry to hear work was bad but I'm not kidding about needing a bunch of them and anger helps the pounding go quicker.