Monday, December 20, 2010


Have I told you yet that I LOVE tools?  When I lived in my dad's house for 2 years while we were waiting for Ethan to Graduate so we could move to Battle Creek. I had access to a full shop with every fun tool imaginable and didn't even begin to make full use of it.  It was there when I needed it and I really didn't think about it much until we moved 45 minuets away.  Now every time I turn around I think boy if I only had quick access to that full shop I could just run out and drill, chop, sand... well you get the idea, he even had a wood lathe.  It has been slow but I am working on getting some of the tools that will make my work easier.  After taking the unusual materials for jewelers class I have found that everything can be done by hand but I don't really want to spend an hour working on a component compared to 5 min with the right power tool.

 When asked for a gift list for Christmas there are always several tools on it and yes Santa I have been a very good girl and NEED more tools :) 

I know these aren't photos of my normal jewelry but they are just as beautiful in my eyes.

My dad got me this drill press last year from Christmas
I purchased this bench shears after my first big show of the year last summer and there is just no replacement for this wonderful tool.  This one is from Rio Grand and will cut up to 12" length of metal.

My torch, creation station (the thing to lean my elbows on),  and shield was a gift from Dave a few years ago for Christmas.  The stainless steel table top was a birth gift from Dave.

This is the 6" bench grinder I just got on black Friday, it sure has saved me a whole lot of time when it comes to getting rid of burs and rough edges.  Sorry about the bad photo.
This is the newest toy added to my studio, a belt sander that I got Sunday from my dad for Christmas :)

I hope you get some great toys from Santa this year.


  1. Oh my goodness! Pardon me while I wipe all the drool of my keyboard. Love it!

  2. i've been a good girl - but not THAT good a girl!!! Power tools are fun, aren't they? Totes jealous of your shop and love your work!!!

  3. Oh my! I am so jealous and drooling over those shears you lucky girl! Thanks for visiting my blog too! :)

  4. A girl can NEVER have enough tools, I got a rolling mill from my hubby for Christmas and proceeded to make some half round wire with it :)