Monday, November 1, 2010

Today's Etched Pieces

I spent today etching, here are some photos.  These all measure about 3.5 square to give you an idea of the detail.
Rubber stamped etched copper, the pink is just a reflection of my sweatshirt.

This one is sharpie maker doodled on the copper

The designs on this one are rubber stamped

Rubber stamp overlapped

More rubber stamps


  1. I could sell them :) normally I just use them to make jewelry out of.

  2. I've been tinkering with the etching too....I have to say, it's my newest favorite medium! Curious what solution you use? I picked up a powder solution at The Urban Beader and it works great...

  3. You can make your own etching solution easily with very inexpensive items and it is what I am using here. Stephanie Lee offers a tutorial on it in her blog. Here is the link, Stephanie is a wealth of information! I have also done it with salt water and electrical current and that also works well. I wrote a tutorial on it and it's here