Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Safety First!

When we moved to Battle Creek from Kalamazoo I had planned to teach some classes at the Art Center but it fell through when they decided that they didn't need to spend money on safety issues.  I told them that safety wasn't something they should skimp on.  Over two years later they are still running classes in the basement of the building with a propane tank sitting in one of the rooms along with an oxygen tank just standing there without being chained to the wall.  There is only one exit out of this room and as most of you know it isn't a good idea to store or have a propane tank inside ANY building at ANY time.  Myth Busters proved that you should always chain your oxy tanks to the wall and here is why.
I have taken a few classes at the Art Center since moving over here but have made the decision that if they don't think my safety is important I won't take anymore classes from them.  I can't believe their insurance company hasn't dropped them and closed their doors over this.  I really would love to have a place to teach again and wish there was another place nearby where I could share what I know with the fun people of this town.  My challenge for this next year is to find a place to teach that isn't dangerous to my health, I have so much to share and love that face of a student when they have that ah ha moment.

Me and my torch with proper ventilation and my propane outside where it belongs.


  1. I know it's not as handy for your location, but have you looked into the Kalamazoo Institute of Art? I know they have a jewelry program--they might need someone with your skills and talents!

  2. I had hoped not to have to drive back to Kalamazoo.