Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a nut

Today we took an ordinary coconut  and turned it into cabs, I had to be different and turned mine into a toggle.  We started with your basic coconut from the grocery store, drained it, split it and then pried the meat out.  What you have left is simply shell so with a hammer we broke it into pieces then cut out shapes with a jewelers saw.  I can think of some great things to cut from this including spacers n such.  The inside of the nut shell is almost more interesting than the outside and the cool thing about making a toggle out of a already round object is that it follows the shape of the wrist so well you would think it was formed just for this function. I have big plans for this toggle and it doesn't have any holes for links drilled yet but I figured most of you have enough imagination to see where its going.  I should have a bracelet made out of this by next week and I will share photos when I do.

This is the outside after it has been sanded

and the inside