Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Party

I got an email from a party planner who had seen me at the Marshal Craft show, he wants 35 itty bitty books for a party he is putting on this Friday. Yes, I said this Friday,  I know that I can get that many ready without a problem but I should be working on things for the bead show in Southfield on October 10th.  Nothing in the self employed world never go as planned and since Sandra and I only have an 8 foot table I could go with what I have right now but being the over achiever that I am it would be nice to have more.  So I guess the bead show stuff will just have to happen next week.

There may be a trip to Grand Rapids Monday since I am totally out of some colors of leather and he specifically asked to have as many colors as possible.  If you have never been into a Tandy Leather store its a huge warehouse full of tables and boxes of leather and a wonderful place to find scraps of every color imaginable.  Every time I'm in there I think there has to be more I could be doing with leather since it's so cheap and there are such wonderful colors, this time I'm going to keep my eye out for some unusual pieces and see just what I can create with them.

Since you can see the itty bitty books in previous posts here are some other pieces of jewelry.
Bright Baby Beaded Bracelet, my Sister-in -law owns this one

Chain x3

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