Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My New Potter Press

I've been in love with the hydraulic press at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts since I first touched it but driving over to Kalamazoo during open studio time was flustrating so I decided I would save my penny's for my very own Potter USA Hydraulic Press. I decided on this press because I had pancake dies from them and loved their customer service. Everything from the Potter shop is made right there in Tucson and you are supporting an amazing bunch of hard workers. I also wouldn't have to pay shipping since I would already be in Tucson in February. 

Here's the beauty, this one is the medium press, it can do everything the larger press can do with a smaller footprint. I have shown it here with one of the magnetic bracelet bender atachments. 

These are a few of the pancake dies I've got to use with it. If your interested in what more the press will do head over to YouTube and do a search, you may want to lock up your credit card first!


  1. Will it also flatten bottle caps? Also where can I get this press, and about how much. I want it! Thank You

  2. I will head to YouTube and take a look. I just know this will be great!