Friday, February 19, 2016

Yeah Tucson!

I have to say I truly love Tucson and all its amazing people who are there in February for the shows. I go to Tucson with Diane Hawkey and her booth is next to an amazing artist named Mak. I got the nailed hearts from her a few years a go and this year she had some very funny cows. As soon as I saw them I knew they needed to be hung from a barbed wire chain but how do you make barbed wire that you can wear without scaring yourself and those you hug was the question and after a few days of thinking on it I came up with a solution. I hope you like it. The barbs are made of leather cord. 
The Mad Cow!

We also made s-mores with our friends across the isle, this is Q not how you spell her name but how you say it, she is from the Urban Beader booth, they sell many wonderful tools and stamps. 

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