Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stow it Necklaces

My dad found a bunch of antique tins this winter on his travels and I just got them made into some new necklaces since the last bunch were so well loved. 
Stow it Necklaces $65.00 each,  all the tins still open to store your tiny trinkets. 

You will notice the two laxative boxes in this photo the Ex-Lax has a dice and pin because when you take a laxative your on pins and needles until your roll of the dice. The Natures Remedy has an included key and watch face since time is the key to all things. 

Update. After taking these photos I realized the box for the one time use phonograph needles needed some special treatment. I decided to place it on this rustic handmade recycled copper chain. $125.00


  1. Very creative. You put the pieces together well. I particularly like the connections between the focal and the chain.

  2. How clever. I love this design.