Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today I was on Pintress looking at some beautiful beads and came across a photo of my very first torch setup. It was a great inexpensive setup. The hood is the same one I'm still using, Dave found it in his work scrap pile, it's an antique gas lamp from downtown Battle Creek.  I used some cheap Target cube style shelving with cut fence post for the glass cubbies then placed a piece of  shelving board across the top to secure the hood pipe in place and to give me a location to clamp the lights.  I had a piece of white Formica I put up as wall protection not that I needed it but it did help reflect the light and that was helpful. The hose vented out a window to my left with a really big cast iron fan that my brother gave me. This fan is so strong that I have accidentally not kept dots on a bead hot enough and they popped up and were taken up into my exhaust where they plunked along until they hit a low spot in the pipe.  

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