Monday, May 11, 2015

Copper and Stone Necklaces

These are some of the stone slabs I got in Tucson. They were just rough cut so I took a lapidary class so I could learn how to make make them into beautiful polished stones. 
I made one cab in class and decided that I never wanted to make another one again. I don't have any interest in bezel settings they just always look so prissy.  When you bezel set it hides the back and sides of the beautiful stones.  Necklace wth neck wire $70.00
I ended up leaving one or more of the sides of my rocks with a rough edge so they kept some of the natural feel. To show off the stones I soldered up these simple prong settings so the stones can be seen all the way around. 
The settings looked like little aliens before being wrapped around the stones. There is an amazing free video at the Beducation site on how to make these settings. 
The stone settings moved all over on the smooth neck wires so I updated the hinged neck wires to include a little u in the front to keep the stones centered. I have several sizes because these really aren't on size fits all but one size does fit most. 


  1. What gauge wire did you use for the neck wires? I've never made any complete around before, prefer just 4-6" in the front with the "u".

    1. These are 12 gauge but I have made them out of 10 and 14 depending what recycled wire I happen to have on hand since I rarely ever purchase new wire.