Thursday, April 9, 2015

Handmade Jacket

I use to  sew a lot and after looking at all the amazing clothing that either doesn't come in my size or is to expensive I decided it may be time to start sewing again. This week I made a cute jacket and thought I would share it here.  I designed the jacket off a shirt pattern that I had made. 
The buttons were from my grandma and moms button collection and the idea for the front embellishment came from the Allabama Chanin blog, I simply love her style. 
Here is the back. 
This is the sleeve detail. 
These are crochet snap covers, the instructions are on the Allabama Chanin blog. 


  1. I have had that same feeling many times over! You have created a wonderful personalized jacket that will wear for as long as you want to wear it and you can add other embellishments too.