Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where The Magic Happens

I got a new to the studio desk and decided it was time for a big clean out so 4 large garbage bags and 4 days later this is what it looks like. The walls are actually a very nice color yellow, not sure why the color is so off in these. 

The last few years I have realized that although I love tiny drawers they really don't work for me so I have gone to items in clear pencil boxes (second row from the top), divided craft storage boxes (third row from the top) and clear shoe boxes that are located on most every other shelf in the studio. You may wonder why I like all these little single storage solutions instead of drawers and the reason is if I'm working on a project I can pull just the storage tubs I need and they all have lids so they can be shuffled and stacked in what ever order makes sense to me for the moment. It's also easy to add in more to the collection. 

You can see my bucket of recycled copper waiting to be twisted into something fun. 

The gray piece in front of my chair there is a huge piece of marble my brother gave me when I started making jewelry, it makes the best work surface. This desk use to be able n our family room but it never really worked for my husbands huge road plans so he now has a huge drafting desk we got from my friend Bethany. 

This is my collection of glass rods, torch table and the ever important ventilation the vent goes out the basement window at the top of the photo and uses a big cast iron fan motor that my brother hooked me up with. 

This shows the whole work table with the double ventilation. The right side of the bench is often set up for soldering. 

I have a new feature on my phone called panorama and I used it to take a sweeping view of the whole room. I am in the basement but since it's a walkout it was easy to get all the furniture into the room. 

I had to keep telling myself it was really going to get better because this is what it looked like mid way through moving the new desk in and the old one out. 

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