Monday, November 17, 2014

Penny Buttons with a Shank

I decided to make a few penny buttons for a project I'm working on and thought maybe you might want to see how they are made.  These have a shanks made out of 16 gauge copper wire and then balled just like when you make head pins.

You will need:
Pennies before 1982
16 gauge copper wire
1/16" drill bits
Junk pliers
Round nose pliers
Dapping block
Torch, I used my bobcat because it's what I have.
Tumbler and shot

Decide where you want the holes and drill.  Clean burs off the back.  Dap the penny.  Cut  16 gauge wire 3cm long shape into the U with round nose pliers so that it matches the holes in your pennies.  Slip the wire into the holes letting it hang out the front of the penny about 6mm. Hold U side of the wire with some pliers you don't care about. Heat up the wire to ball up the ends,  the penny will be glowing but try to aim the torch flame at the wire. Quench in cold water. Tumble to harden and shine up.  Patina if you prefer.

These are my failures below,  to much heat is not your friend!  Have fun.

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