Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bleach Pen Fail

I decided that a shirt would be fun to try Clorox bleach pen on and I didn't even think about the fabric content.   Using a piece of foamcore cut to size and popped into the shirt I started painting with my bleach pen.  It's crazy but I'm sure this is exactly what they mean by this being a moisture wicking fabric because after getting about halfway through the design I could see the fabric pulling the moisture away from the main line of bleach.  I didnt think a whole lot about it thinking it could add a cool effect to the shirt.  When I came back to it the next day you can see in the last photo it was totally bleached out and no pattern was left under the bleach pen and I ended up with a huge yellow blob.  Oh well no huge loss but I would suggest that you stick with cotton fabric for future bleach pen projects.

Below is bleach pen failure #2, this is a 100% cotton mid weight shirt that I tried and it's the same exact Clorox bleach pens that I'm using on the denim but it bleeds way to much on t-shirts. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong because I see others bleaching t-shirts and they turn out fine. 


  1. Oh no! It's started out so wonderfully! Well, I'm thinking that if you add to more sections of the shirt, it will still look pretty cool--just like you intended it that way all along! I've not heard of a "bleach pen" before, but this looks like fun!

  2. Oh no! And your design was so awesome. I really appreciate the tip. What kind of fabric was this shirt?