Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scroll Cuff

I made up some bracelets Sunday and applied the patina yesterday.  These were made from a tutorial called Aegean Cuff Bracelet wrote by Stacy Perry, her Etsy shop is here,  I was thrilled with the tutorial the photos and instructions were easy to follow.  I made the first one exactly like the instructions but then the second and third ones I used the Now That's a Jig to make the band sections and and added more curls, the process went so much faster with the jig that I cut my time down to about half of what it took me to do with pliers.  This is because there was no measuring simply wrapping the wire around the appropriate jig pins then snipping them apart. This bracelet used just over 12 feet of recycled wire but it doesn't feel heavy.

The top photo shows the cuff after the Aegean Blue Patina treatment that is explained in the tutorial and the bottom cuff is after I used the buffing wheel.  When the bracelets came out of the fuming I should have rinsed them off but didn't realize I needed too and just let them dry.  I may have had a smoother patina had I read through all the directions, what's new.  The patina was just going to knock off the bracelet so taking the buffing wheel to it quickened the process.  After the buffing wheel I used Pledge Wipes to pick up any stray dust.  

The first bracelet I made using the measurements given in the tutorial ran a little small so keep that in mind.  I would suggest making one of the body bands bend it and make sure of the length before proceeding to make the rest. 
Scroll Cuff $80.00
Scroll Cuff $80.00

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