Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leather Bracelets

I'm trying to get ready for the Bead Bonanza in Southfield this October so I have been making parts and pieces that can be turned into Christmas purchases after the show.  I have fun plans for these leather bracelets but for now they will just stay plain and ready for my customers to decorate.  These adjust from 7-8 inches long and can fit loose like a bangle or tight depending on your preference.  I've made about 60 of these so there's plenty for everyone :)

Half Inch Wide Adjustable Leather Bracelets $8.00 each  or 5 for $25.
No price break for less than 5.
A view of the adjustable  back of the bracelet.  
Colors from top to bottom, black, purple, dark purple, dark brown, brown, rough brown.

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