Friday, July 19, 2013

Logo Pendants

A friend asked if I could make some pendants with the Oakland Derby Diamonds logo.  We originally thought that the bottle cap that she had could be used just as I had made the porthole pendants but it ended up being just a sicker and didn't work.

I had these domed glass pieces so with the logo printed I glued to the back side of the glass so it wouldn't slip once the piece was finished.  Since this is glass and paper I couldn't use regular solder so I used the soft stained glass solder to secure the copper dome to the solid copper disk on the back. These measure 1 1/4" across and are 5/8" deep and can be made with any one inch logo.

 Oakland Derby Diamonds pendants on 30" ball chain $48.00.

The logo is hard to see so I thought I'd show you
what it looks like without the glass.


  1. Was so confused.. Just realized this was probably "B Barks A lot".

    1. Not sure of her Derby name? In real life she goes by Bethany :)