Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Class with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Bracelet done by Susan Lenart Kazmert
I don't think another thing could fit on this bracelet.

I signed up for a class with Susan Lenart Kazmert and it was yesterday.  I tried to blog about this yesterday but my photos didn't want to load so I had to wait until today.  I taking classes, they are always fun and informative and no matter what I always learn something and get meet interesting people.  Unfortunately this class was not what I thought it was going to be.  Here is what the class description said:
The ART MECHANIQUE – Colorful Metal Relics  Build, Construct, Roll and cut …… in this hands on workshop I will present a new, innovative and literally…..cutting edge method to create die cuts from metal, repose and embossing in a variety of patterns.
Susan explaining the project
From this I read it to mean that we would be creating dye cuts from metal.  I have always wanted to do this and thought that a new piece of equipment was going to do just this thing.  The new tool turned out to be a wimpy version of a rolling mill that didn't work at all.  I did use a second one that worked better but still wasn't what I would call a success.  The embossing templates that were sold to go with this wimpy rolling mill were wonderful and had a whole lot of potential but the class never addressed creating dye cuts so I was truly bummed.   I asked Susan about the piece shown in the photo for the class and she didn't have it available, come to find out it was the photo for the afternoon class and had got mixed up with the photo for this class. 
It felt like home with the mess we made.
More of the mess :)
Susan did cover making interesting textures and colors on metal using a new method called cold enameling. It was fun and I did get a few colors of it to play with at home.  She also used crackle nail polish on her metal for an interesting look along with resin.  All in all if I had known what the class was truly about i wouldn't have signed up for it but since it was only $65 instead of the $250 it will most likely cost at Bead and Button I feel like I still got a deal.
These are the bezels/metal I used the cold enameling technique on,
I really like the round one.
This was my finished project, not exactly my style but it's interesting.


  1. I always enjoy your posts...and u are amazing at making something amazing out of every challenge thrown your way...u are truly an inspiration & amazing artisit and should have your own classes....I would love to spend a day with u and learn some new things...I'm sure we'd have a blast....xox

  2. Lmao just in case u missed it i think your amazing!!!! :*