Saturday, October 20, 2012

Show Display

I have posted booth photos before but I'm really thrilled with the way it has been shaping up and thought you may like another look.  Melissa suggested I get rid of the paper and just paint the inside of the boxes so I did  and I really like the look,  it really makes the jewelry pop.
Tracy Bell's Art Show Booth Photo
So here is a run down of what I have on the 6 foot table:
2 wood coke boxes
1 sideways tool box just to the right of center on the bottom of the stack
6 other wood boxes
3 potato mashers used for bracelet displays
1 mini barrel
Several sizes of rusty funnels used as bracelet displays
3 mini sewing machine oil cans for ring displays
2 large oil cans for bracelet displays
1 little antique mirror
1 big slinky used as a business card holder
5-24 inch tall dress forms made from my Dress Form Tutorial (click on link for more info)
3 clip on lamps

Close up of the tool box on it's side
 with the pony tail holders wrapped on the handle.
This all fits into two large tubs except one of the coke boxes and the tool box.  I will try to get more closeup photos of the bits n pieces at my next show.
Rusty Funnel Bracelet Display

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