Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Name that Pendant

 I just made some new necklace pendants, they measure about 1 3/4 inches long, are made of glass and come on an 18 inch long chain.  Most often when I create something new it names itself but this time I am at a loss so if you think of a great one for these little vessels please leave it in a comment.  I will choose a name from those left and that person will get to choose a pendant.  Please let me know what one you like the best by using the bottom photo and counting across from left to right leaving the number in your comment.  Well now that was clear as mud you get the idea anyway.
Glass Pendants $15.00
Glass Pendants filled with beads, shells and sharks teeth.  $15.00


  1. Very cool pendants! You can do a lot with these. I would call them "Captured Pendants" - I like either #4 or #7. alicia _ coats (@) hotmail (dot) com.

  2. I think you should call them "Treasure Tubes" and I like #3 or #9

    1. Okay I guess you like the name Treasure Tubes because I just noticed on your etsy that you already have another item named that sooooooooo I am changing up to "Tube Treats" :)

  3. "Time Capsules" and either #4,5,7 or 9. I like shells ^.^

  4. "Memory Vials." I love #9. :)

  5. I had fun coming up with names with my son during soccer car pool. Paradise found Pendants for the shells etc, Bead Bubbles for the beads and Tiny Treasures for both:-)
    I like #4, 7 and 9. I really enjoy following your blog, always a good dose of creativity and inspiration. sandi@sandivolpe.com

  6. All cute. How about
    Captured Treasures
    Bottled Treasures
    Treasures in a Bottle

    I like #5 from the left.

  7. I like #4 or #5 and I would call them ..she saves sea shells from the sea shore...

  8. The first thing I thought when I saw these? " In case of (bead) emergency, break glass"

  9. I like #3, even though they are all great colors. Bliss in a Bottle is what popped up in my brain...:)

  10. I would like to be surprised w/ one that had shells & a sharks tooth ~ Thank You!