Friday, July 6, 2012

Headed to Saugatuck

It's going to be another hot one here tomorrow (Saturday) in Michigan and I am headed over to Saugatuck, my thinking is that it's actually going to be to hot to be at the beach so maybe folks will want to come into the cool shops?  If your in the area I will be at the Art Glass Alcove with my treasures in tow so stop by and see me.

I made some unusual beads today that fit the big hole bead systems, they are tumble etched and have a bit of an inner glow that I was unable to catch in any of the photos I took.  A good name hasn't come to me yet so for now I am calling them Dots n Dashes

Dots n Dashes Big Hole Beads


  1. My family and I vacation for a week in Michigan and once during the week we usually go to Sagatuck for a shopping day. Have fun!!!!

  2. Stay cool, and the best of luck to you!

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  4. Gosh those are cute as can be! Hope you find lots of cool and happy shoppers when you get there!

    Also, there's a little surprise for you over on my blog. Hope you'll drop by for a visit and see what it's about! :-) Many thanks! --Sharyl

  5. Those are spectacular!! I love the colors and can kinda see the glow you mentioned. Very cool.