Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What to do with 40 different dot beads?

You might remember my attempt at the 40 dot bead challenge.  After talking to my friends I found out that this challenge was suppose to be dot beads that were totally melted in and they didn't have to be all different.  I decided that they way I took the challenge made it much harder because I did make 40 different dot beads using no tools, sometimes leaving the dots raised to equal heights.

Once I had all my beads done I knew they could never be parted and I started to think of things I could incorporate them into that would keep them as a set that could be worn.  Because of their size it had to be a necklace or a belt so I went with the necklace.  I knew this necklace would be far to heavy not to be on some sort of wire.  The 14 gauge Dave had been stripping from it's plastic coating turned out to be the perfect size for the holes in in the beads.  The necklace below is my second try the first try didn't end up holding only half the beads and I wanted on one necklace.  I made this necklace in 3 sections so it would be comfortable to wear and the chain style back lets it be adjustable for length.
40 different dot beads made into a choker style necklace.

The glass I used is phoenix and dark purple red.


  1. That's- a lot of all the spacers and hammered pins!, great job with putting it all together... Neat idea to have segments. Lovely result.. Hope you are going to wear it now.

  2. WOW, that is gorgeous! Love the colors, love the style, amazing idea to do it is sections so it is comfortable (and lies flat)! just wonderful!

  3. Wow! That's just stunning! It has a very regal look, ancient yet modern at the same time (and I mean that as the greatest compliment!) Well, I'm still stunned, can't think of any more words though my thoughts are spinning! Do you mind if I "show this off" on my blog? Just a mention, then point to your two stories on this? Let me know what you think... Thanks! --Sharyl

  4. Tracy, was going to send you a note through Etsy, but it's down temporarily. Just wanted you to know I posted about your bead and necklace story on my blog as we discussed. Thanks so much! --Sharyl