Monday, April 9, 2012

Crochet Rope Bracelets

Beaded Crochet Rope Bracelets, fit most any wrist $15.00

Not everything I make sells well at shows.  For two years I have been dragging around my beaded crochet rope necklaces.  People always comments on how pretty they are and handle them but I rarely ever sold any so last summer I decided that maybe they would sell better as bracelets.  I cut about ten of the necklaces I had already made in half, stitched them together so they would easily roll over most anyone's wrist and put them out on the table for $15.00.  The necklaces sold for $30.00 and if any of you have made crochet rope you know what a deal that price is.  The first show I took the bracelets to I sold 2 and have sold one or two at almost every show since.  Last night I sat and made the rest of my rope necklaces into bracelets and now I have no more crochet necklaces.  I would bet you $50.00 that at the next show someone is going to ask if I have any that are made long enough to be a necklace.
Beaded Crochet Rope Bracelets, $15.00


  1. Put them in a bowl by themselves with a sign that says "Spring Sale -- now only $15". They'll all be gone. You won't have changed the price, but they'll feel like they've scored a great deal.

    Of course, you can always offer to make a necklace on custom order, but charge $50 for it - they'd still be getting a huge bargain! ;-)

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