Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arts and Craft Show

I have a show on Saturday and Sunday and hope it will be my biggest one of the year.  After trying to get into the spring Michigan State University Arts and Craft show and not making it I was thrilled to get into the Christmas show.  If you are in the area please come see Sandra and I we are going to be on the first floor.

Here are a few items I will have with me at the show.  Resin is hard to take photos of because of the reflection but I did get a few that turned out.
Handmade chain and resin filled bezel.

Handmade silk string with a resin filled bezel


  1. Gorgeous pieces, good luck at your show.

  2. Thanks Nelly, I had plenty of product. The show was nothing to write home about but it wasn't terrible either.