Monday, November 8, 2010

My Doodles

Since a about the age of 8 doodling has been apart of my life, fronts of folders, edges of notes and most anything that didn't move.  I was also the child who didn't take tests well, when they gave me tests with the little dots running down the page to fill in for standardized testing I would proceed to fill it in like an Indian beading pattern.  My patterns were a beautiful expression of my true creativity.  When thinking back on this I am surprised that no teacher ever said a word about my method of test taking.  At some point I must have gotten some of the answers right especially since I frequently filled in several dots in the same row.

At the beginning of this year I ran across a blog where the person had just learned how to Zentangle.  What is Zentangle you ask??? Well it's a form of meditative doodling that I have fallen in love with, here is a link to the official site,  This style of doodling also goes by the name of tangling and zendoodling.  With Zentangling, complicated patterns are broke down into simple steps adding one pen stroke to the next making beautiful little pieces of art.  Just like other doodles these can be put on most any surface where pencil and pen will stick although I would not suggest doing this on a wall with black sharpie since trying to paint over sharpie in my nieces room took about 10 coats of paint no joke. 

Zentangling on paper was simple and I still do it often but my recent favorite is to zentangle on copper sheet.  You can see a piece of copper that I zentangled on and then etched in the prior post so I am not going to repost that photo.  I have plans to zentangle a bunch of copper and etch it for use in future jewelry since it adds such an unusual dimension to a piece.

Here are some of my favorite zentangles they aren't jewelry yet but I have some ideas and they may turn into fun pieces in the future.
My Zentangles


  1. I love Zentangles. Yours are very awesome. Can't wait to see the jewelry you make out of them!

  2. I love the doodles, and the story of test taking. I remember when we first started "math" in kindergarten or first grade, we were told to circle the matching sets of different little series of drawings. I didn't grasp the concept of counting as "matching" AT ALL, so instead I circled the different animals that I thought would get along, or the colors that seemed prettiest together, etc. Maybe it's all just part of that "grampa math" gene. ;)