Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creative Organization

Most of us have some sort of orginazition system for each thing we learn, some of them work and some don't.  Below is a photo of my wire idea bulletin board, it holds 1 or more of every new wire link or item I have created.  When I make a new link or other item I try to make an extra one for my board.  If a creative lull hits me this board comes in handy.  There is the long chain of funky links I add onto as I have new ideas and I also have parts and pieces of things that I have started and just haven't gotten the creative energy to finish.
Here is a closeup of a few of the copper links
You can see here that sometimes I have little notes that I pin up with the piece noting the length and gauge used for the link.
This is the little section dedicated to Stephanie Lee's Class

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