Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I thought maybe I would share with you what has to be made in the next few weeks before my trunk show on October 30th in Saugatuck at the Art Glass Alcove.  In Saugatuck I mostly sell big hole beads for the troll bracelets and my goal is to fill another of my big display boxes shown in a past post.  To do that I will need to make a ton of beads since it takes an average of 20 to fill one stick.  If I get half a box filled I will be happy.
One of my favorite glasses to work with Echo, I just love all the different colors you can get out of it.
Capped and Cored Big Hole Beads, these have all sold so time to make more.
Stax Stix, you can change the beads on these to match your look for the day.
These are all sold so time to get mad and beat some more wire into submission.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love those stax stix.

  2. Thanks they are one of my favorite pieces to wear since you can change the beads to match any outfit.