Sunday, October 31, 2010

Doodle Etching

Etching copper sheet is fun and I love the process its as simple as doodling on copper with a black sharpie, stick it into some salt water, add some electric and in a half an hour you have a piece of art.  Once you have a sheet of etched copper it can be turned into anything,  I have made bead caps out of most of the copper that I have etched, the texture is just beautiful next to the smooth glass.  My photos do this process justice but here they are anyway :)

Here is the copper I doodled on

This is the copper after it was salt etched
And this last photo is of the copper after I used liver of sulfur on it
These are some beads with copper etched bead caps


  1. The etched copper sheet is absolutely wonderful and the bead caps look great on your beads.