Friday, October 22, 2010

Challenge #2

Today I worked on the second challenge for my Non-Traditional Materials for Jewelers Class.  The challenge is to make a piece out of animal, mineral and vegetable, it was a whole lot harder than the first challenge where we had to use the pennies.

Katie a friend of the family, traded me quart sized ziploc full of sharks teeth for a bracelet this spring.  I wasn't sure what I would do with them but figured like anything else if you let them sit long enough something will come up that they will be perfect for.  I am sure this is how hording starts!

When we were in Fort Laturdale I picked up shell pieces off the beach and shipped them home I have used so many of them that only the small and large ones are left.

I have never found pearls on a beach but they do live in the water so close enough for my beach theme.

That was easy since copper is my favorite metal and it is such a warm color I figured it would go perfect with my other earth toned parts n pieces.  I have some sand from Cancun someplace but I can't find it :(  sand would have looked great in the little jar.

This one was tough since I didn't have any drift wood or other wood type of material so after thinking this one over I got my dictionary and cut out the word mermaid, rolled it up and placed it into a little jar to hang off the bracelet.  Since paper is made out of tree pulp I figured this would work for the vegetable.  I will be looking for some driftwood next time I am at the beach.  Now I need to purchase another dictionary since I seem to be destroying the only one I own. 

After stamping Life's a Beach on a washer I domed it and drilled so it could become the toggle section of the clasp.  I prefer to build all my own findings I figure anyone can go purchase a toggle from Hobby Lobby but building my own really makes the piece special.

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