Monday, September 27, 2010

The word of the day is GUTS

 Today I am going to talk about guts.  I was making the guts to my itty bitty books today and got to thinking about how often it has taken a whole lot of guts to make the decisions that have changed my life for the better. It took a whole lot of guts to walk out of a marriage that didn't work without the support of my family.  It took a leap of faith and guts to purchase my first house, what made me think I could do it?  Guts. When Dave asked me to marry him and it took guts and a huge leap of faith to try the whole marriage thing again and when I quit teaching sewing because I was burnt out and went back to working with kids well that was just crazy.  It has been just under a year since I got up the guts to quit my job at the eye doc's and take up making jewelry making full time.  Dave is always telling me to trust my gut feeling and I have to say that it has lead me to some very good places in my life, I'm enjoying what I'm doing and am always thankful and maybe a bit amazed that people love my pieces enough to purchase them.

I spent today running up to Grand Rapids so I could visit the Tandy Leather Company and got some really great scraps of leather.  It's an hour drive to GR from Battle Creek and I hate making the trip but it is so much more expensive to order leather and they I would have so much leather that I could make enough for every citizen in the state of Michigan.  On my way to Tandy I stopped at my favorite book store, Schedulers and walked out without a single book.  It is a sad sad day when there isn't a book I need in the entire store!  Trust me I looked hard but for the first time ever I just wasn't in the book buying mood maybe I had a fever?

Now for the fun photos...
Some of the new colors of leather I got for book covers,  Personally I prefer the muted colors but I got asked for brighter colors from the kids so here they are
Here are the 36 sets of book guts, I hope to get them stitched together tomorrow.

These are the books once they have taken a bath in the coffee and dried.

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