Monday, September 13, 2010

This fits under the recycled trash part of my blog.

One mans trash is another mans treasure, this is something my dad taught us at a very early age and although this is far from trash it is old and used. Today my dad brought me a camper that he had found while at a tractor show.  I have been wanting a tiny little camper for the past 10 years.  My new baby is a 13 foot Scamp, she needs some cleaning and tender loving care but will be looking beautiful in no time.  The plan is instead of paying out for an expensive hotel room at shows we will be able to cut our costs by camping.  I love to camp and so does Sandra.  I am sure there will be times were the motel will just be easier but camping can save money and is so much more interesting than a motel room.
1978, 13 foot Scamp Camper

Now for some jewelry photos just because I love bead porn.
Orange, yellow and tangerine 3 strand bracelet

Turquoise dangle n links bracelet

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