Friday, September 17, 2010

It Takes a Village

Today I am packing the new little camper to go on the annual family camping trip at Fort Custard in Battle Creek.  It is my maiden voyage in my little camper so it's perfect that it's only about 20 min away since I have never pulled anything behind my car.  Since it is the first time out it will give me a chance to see what needs to be changed and what we are missing.  I started camping when I was 2 and have loved it every since, hotel rooms bore me to death, with camping you get out and it's a much more social event.  This weekend is a huge social event since it is my extended Sult side of the family that will be going.  My dad has 2 brothers and 2 sisters although not all of them will make it many of them will, along with all their kids and the kids kids!  It should add up to well over 30 people.

This brings me to my list,  I am a huge list maker for everything.  Getting someplace and remembering that you forgot your something as stupid as a flashlight or life jackets sucks and that's why I have a huge master camping list that I add to every year.  I make lists for everything else I do like what I need for shows, what jewelry needs to be made, bead colors I am low on etc.  Often these lists get left behind especially the grocery ones but I find that if I have wrote it down that it often sticks with me enough to get most of what was on it.  If I don't write it down then it just fly's out of my head never to be seen again. 

I got off track there for a minuet time to get back to the point.  I wanted to talk about family and friends!  My family and friends have been some of my best customer, every time we get together they always want to see what's new and often purchase pieces.  They are also my best advertising since they wear what they have purchased all the time and people ask where they got the items.  I have loaded them all up with business cards so that they can hand them out as needed and this is starting to pay off.  My aunt Penny handed one to the ladies at a little store in Vicksburg and they have called me asking if I am interested in selling them some jewelry and spiders.  These contacts are not something I can do on my own it takes a village to raise a business and my village is a supportive group, I want to take a second and thank every one of my friends and family who wear my jewelry and pass out my business cards.  This is a tough business since many people are making jewelry but I work hard to make mine unique and it is paying off with the help of many.

Now for the bead porn :)  Here are pieces that my family and friends have purchased.  This isn't all of them I have to save some photos for future posts!
This is a chain and washer bracelet my Aunt Penny purchased.
Here is a little book necklace my friend Maralyne purchased
My cousin Heather purchased this turquoise and cream 3 strand bracelet.
My step sister Michelle purchased this happy heads bracelet. 
I just couldn't ask for a better support group, keep up the good work and let me know if you are out of business cards :)

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