Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep Safe Bracelet

Since early spring I have been collecting little tins the size of the old aspirin boxes and smaller,  a few projects with the bigger ones have made it out of the studio but I had some extra special tiny ones that really needed to be made into something amazing.  About a month ago I had them sitting on my bench along with some other antique parts n pieces and realized that they fit together really well with old garter parts and that's when the Keep Safe Bracelets were born.  The antique boxes used for these are still fully functional and can hold whatever you an dream up while sitting beautifully on your wrist.
Keep Safe bracelet $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelet, Gas Lighter $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelets, Valve Cores $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelets, Powder Tin $75.00
Keep Safe Bracelet, Aspirin $75.00 


  1. A great design idea! I love the idea of a keepsake bracelet!

  2. Those are just too cool. Love the use of the little tins and the old garter parts.

  3. I knew you would find a wonderful use for these tiny tins! You never seem to run out of fresh ideas! Keep 'em coming! :-)